Where are They Now or Where Did They Go Next?

This page provides information on some former students who completed their bachelor’s honours projects, master’s theses or doctoral dissertations with Dr. Bedi. Information is not available for all students.


Kesha Pradhan completed her terminal MA degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia in 2018. She was accepted in UBC’s doctoral program in counselling psychology in September 2018.

Mary Ellis, B.Sc., behavioural neuroscience (formerly psychology) (2015): Mary works with Washington Reading Corp at Cordata Elementary School in Bellingham, WA. [updated December 2016]


Mica Richards, M.Sc., mental health counselling (2012): Mica is a mental health clinician at PorchLight Custom Counselling in Portland, OR. [updated December 2016]


Gordon Barker, M.Sc, experimental psychology (2012): Gordon is a researcher with  Devers Eye Institute in Portland, OR. [updated December 2016]


Megan Cook,  B.A., psychology (2011): Megan went onto to complete a master’s degree in health sciences administration and is an administrative fellow at CHI Franciscan Health in Tacoma, WA. [updated December 2016]


Arlene Simpson, M.A., counselling psychology (2010): Arlene is an addictions counsellor with Island Health in Nanaimo, BC, as well as a counsellor in private practice in Nanaimo, BC [updated December 2016].

Carlton Duff, M.A., counselling psychology (2008): Carlton went on to complete a PhD in counselling psychology at the University of Alberta and is a Psychologist at Vancouver Island Psychological Services and at the Greater Victoria School District [updated December 2016].

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