The lab is broadly focused on counselling and psychotherapy research, particularly through a counselling psychology disciplinary lens and utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods, depending on the research questions asked. The lab is primarily focused on the following broad areas at the present time:

  • Disciplinary and professional issues in Canadian counselling psychology
  • Investigating counselling and psychotherapy under the frame of being Western cultural healing practices (based on Jerome Frank’s model of cultural healing and Bruce Wampold’s Contextual Model of psychotherapy)
  • Counselling/psychotherapy with Punjabi and Sikh individuals, Indo-Canadians, and individuals of Asian-Indian descent (this includes looking at integrating traditional healing practices into counselling/psychotherapy).

The lab also currently maintains a secondary interest in the following areas:

  • Professional counselling and counselling psychology in India
  • Counselling/psychotherapy with men (including the intersection of masculinity and counselling/psychotherapy)
  • Political/ideological bias and diversity within counselling psychology

Please see “Join the Lab” for particular project ideas and more detailed areas of interest to the lab.


bedilogo2 Research not Rhetoric, Proof not Politics, Evidence not Emotion, Doubt not Dogma.

Without critical thinking, this is not education but indoctrination. I do not want to teach you what to think but how to think…for yourself.

“Confusion is a precursor to discovery”

“Great minds do not always think alike.” (Heterodox Academy)

“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.” (William Osler)