For Research Participants

Current research studies actively recruiting participants in Dr. Bedi’s lab include the following:

1. Recovery Transitions Study:

  • Have you ever experienced a significant problems with your use of alcohol at any point in your past but not at present (at least one year of abstinence or controlled drinking)
  • Are you interested in participating in a series of free group counselling sessions regarding your life transitions after recovery?

Recovery Transitions is a UBC study that aims to examine whether a series of 6 facilitated group sessions will enhance emotional wellbeing during the life transitions that occur in recovery after shifting to abstinence or non-problematic drinking.

Participants will be paid up to $120 to complete a series of questionnaires before and after the group sessions.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about this research project, please contact our research team at 604-822-8953 or by email to

Principal Investigator: Robinder Bedi, PhD












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