Dr. Bedi has taught the following courses at UBC:

  • CNPS 594 (cross-cultural counselling)
  • CNPS 595 (substance use counselling)
  • CNPS 678 (theoretical perspectives in counselling psychology)
  • CNPS 669 (research approaches to counselling psychology)
  • CNPS 564 (group counselling)
  • EPSE 595 (qualitative research methods)

In the past, he has also taught courses on: theories of counselling/psychotherapy, counselling/psychotherapy skills, psychological assessment, psychology of drug use, career counselling, abnormal psychology, counsellor practicum, program development/evaluation, and applied research methods.

If interested, please enquire about opportunities to provide guest lectures, including thesis/dissertation-related talks.



bedilogo2Research not Rhetoric, Proof not Politics, Evidence not Emotion, Doubt not Dogma.

Without critical thinking, this is not education but indoctrination. I do not want to teach you what to think but how to think…for yourself.

“Confusion is a precursor to discovery”

“Great minds do not always think alike.” (Heterodox Academy)

“The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism.” (William Osler)